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    The Polish Factory of Incandescent Lamps „Helios” is one of the leaders and… pioneers of Polish electrotechnical industry.

    The year 2013 is the company’s 80th anniversary. It all started with a courageous decision of three people… 

    In 1933 the United States of America have already been getting out of the Great Depression. Europe had to deal with it a bit later. In times of such economic confusion Roman and Hermione Frischer in cooperation with Maurycy Weissberg have founded the Factory of Incandescent Lamps “Helios” in Katowice. Despite of the crisis, the demand for light bulbs was very strong back then. High quality of all offered products made it possible for the company to successfully compete with strong, international cartels. In 1939 “Helios” had a modern machinery produced by Brückner, Pfeifer and Gladitz. Two modern glass factories and a cardboard packaging factory have been at the company’s command. Domestic and foreign agencies of the company have worked efficiently. This dynamic process was stopped by the outbreak of war. 

    Shortly after the war the company, like many similar institutions, has been nationalized. It went through modernization. Newly opened hall was equipped with modern Philips and Tungsram production lines. In 1970 “Helios” became a part of national lamp combine. The company changed its name several times but two things remained invariable: the company’s profile and high employee’s involvement. “Helios” has found itself perfectly in a new, free-market reality of groundbreaking year 1989. It has been certified with ISO 9001 – a confirmation of high quality of products offered by the company. On November 17, 2011 ISKRA P.S.A. became the major shareholder of “Helios”. It started a new chapter in the history of the company. 

    „Helios” is a leading Polish producer of light sources nowadays. Its products meet both Polish and international standards. They are used in our homes, industry and agriculture. Moreover, they are used for proper road lighting which is very important for increasing the level of safety. The company offers a wide selection of modern, energy-efficient light sources and specialist lamps. 

    „Helios” cherishes a longstanding tradition as well as it cares about the future. The Board of Directors understands the need of investing in the development of research and improvement of modern technology.